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US Lacrosse Membership

All coaches and players must have current US Lacrosse memberships which are active through July of the season year.


Coaches, players, parents, and fans of the Jenks Youth Lacrosse program must remember that they present an image of Jenks Public Schools, Jenks Community Education, and the Jenks Trojan Youth Lacrosse at all venues in which we play.  As such, all participants of the Jenks Youth Lacrosse program will exhibit good sportsmanship as a representative of Jenks Youth Lacrosse.  Respect for officials, coaches, teammates, and opposing players must be displayed at all times.  Unsportsmanlike behavior, including degrading teammates, being disrespectful to coaches and officials, and throwing of equipment will not be tolerated.

Practice Attendance

Lacrosse is a team sport that requires a level of commitment from each player in support of their team.  Practices are an important part of the sport in order to improve skills, learn proper techniques and game rules, learn safe playing techniques, and build cohesiveness within the teams. Missing players can affect how coaches plan for practices and games, and can affect the game play of the team.  The intent of this policy is to provide a fair and safe environment for the lacrosse players in the program.

The Jenks Youth Lacrosse Program supports youth participants being involved in multiple activities, including ones outside of lacrosse, for this supports positive growth and development of the youth participant.  In the end, commitment to one's team is an important part of playing a team sport, therefore attendance at lacrosse practice is mandatory.

It is understandable that unavoidable circumstances do arise that can affect attendance for practice.  To accommodate for this, the Jenks Youth Lacrosse Program has identified the following to be considered excused absences, as long as the team's head coach is notified at least 2 hours prior to practice time.  If a 2 hour notice is not provided to the coach, the absence could be considered as unexcused.

  • Medical situations
  • Religious events
  • Extenuating family situation (death in the family, family illness, etc.)
  • Other sport participation
    • If a participant is playing multiple sports during the lacrosse season, the player is required to attend at least 2 practices a week for participation on a 5/6 or 7/8 team, and at least 1 practice a week for a K-2 or 3/4 player.  This arrangement must be worked out with the coach ahead of time and more than 2 hours prior to practice.

Unexcused absences could result in reduced playing time or being held out of the next scheduled game.  Unexcused absences are not to be cumulative over the season, but only addressed in the next scheduled game following the absence.

Game Arrival

All players should arrive to their games 45 minutes prior to game time, unless an earlier time is specified by the head coach.  This allows for the players to start warm ups and be available for a roster check by the opposing team.  If a player arrives late, after a roster check, then it is the opposing team's decision on whether to return to the official's building, retrieve the official league roster, and perform a late check in of the player.

If a player is going to be late to pre-game warm ups or the game, a 2 hour advance notice must be given to the head coach of the player's team.  This will allow time for the coach to make the opposing team representative aware of a late arriving player.

Post Game Waiting Period

There is a 24 Hour Waiting Period, beginning at the end of a scheduled game, where concerns with coaching decisions may not be addressed with a team's Coach.  A constructive approach in expressing these concerns may be made to the Coach and/or the Coordinator after 24 hours.

Player Safety

By US Lacrosse, Indian Nations Lacrosse Conference, and Jenks Trojan Youth Lacrosse rules, properly equipped players may not participate in practices or competition.

Boys/Coed Required Equipment

Please refer to the US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide section on Boys' Field Player Equipment for a list of the required equipment for players playing the Boys/Coed game.  This equipment is also required for girls playing under the Boys rules.

Girls Required Equipment

Please refer to the US Lacrosse Equipment Fitting Guide section on Girls' Field Player Equipment for a list of the required equipment for players playing the Girls game.